This Filipino Chicken Adobo is an unequivocal step away from “the standard, worn out”! Chicken thighs and drumsticks braised in sharp vinegar and soy sauce with an expansion of garlic and ginger. Simply normal storeroom staples produce a remarkable flavor.

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This could shock you, given my experience, that I convey an exceptionally compelling close to home connection to everything Filipino, and this Chicken Adobo specifically.

I spent an extended time of my life in the Philippines in my mid twenties, and despite the fact that it was perhaps of the most troublesome year in my then youthful life I’ve come to cherish and value the nation and her kin.

I likewise brought back a small bunch of recipes with that I actually use. This Chicken Adobo recipe is one of them.

I lived in a little town in a bamboo cottage, dozed on the floor, had food and drink so unfamiliar to me that portion of the time I was unable to try and recognize things I was placing in my mouth (beginning two or three months in – at the outset I was immovably on a peanut butter and saltine diet).

It was a long time before cell phones became universal and web associations dependable. My life partner, presently spouse and I composed letters and afterward held up weeks to get an answer. I actually have Every one of them. Trading accounts of what we did and ate was profoundly entertaining.

It’s intriguing the way that unusual and unfamiliar things soon enough come out as comfortable and, surprisingly, relieving. This Chicken Adobo stew is something. Unimaginably straightforward yet wealthy in flavor, it turned into my solace food in a nation so unique in relation to my own.

Quite possibly of the best thing about this recipe is that it is so natural to make utilize the most straightforward of storage room staples. No new or uncommon fixings here.

Chicken Adobo is exceptionally simple to cherish regardless of whether you really hate Filipino food. It’s suggestive of our stews that sustain, fulfill and heat up from within.

Filipino Chicken Adobo
Basically, this chicken dish is enhanced with garlic, ginger, soy sauce and vinegar. Once in a while carrots and potatoes are added to adjust serious areas of strength for the sauce. I for one strongly suggest adding them! That is the manner by which Lanie, our servant cooked it. I added a cove leaf as it’s a flavor I love and other adobo recipes appear to have it too.

Adobo is likewise made with pork in the Philippines and it’s similarly as delectable yet significantly fattier! In the event that you choose to utilize pork rather than chicken, I propose involving a sluggish cooker for best outcomes.

WHAT IS Generally Presented WITH ADOBO?
In my time in the Philippines Chicken Adobo was constantly presented with plain, unsalted rice and small citrus calamansi, otherwise called Filipino lime. Unfortunately I’ve never seen calamansi beyond the Philippines, which is a genuine disgrace on the grounds that their taste is unrivaled to any citrus here!

I involved limes as a substitute in this recipe, simply fit a tad of lime juice into individual bits.

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