Flavored Okra With Tomatoes Recipe

I like okra a great deal, certain, however of the numerous food sources that appeared to be sensible to load up on, similar to beans and pasta and rice — gracious god, I didn’t buy sufficient rice — frozen okra doesn’t seem like it would be high on the rundown of any yet the most out of control okra-darling.

In any case, those packs of frozen okra wound up taking up some excellent cooler land, which implied (a portion of) the okra needed to go, so this is the very thing I made with it.

This is the way I generally set up the frozen okra I purchase, which comes as minimal entire units (rather than pre-cut). There are less seeds, which is somewhat miserable, yet, then again, I’ve found I favor cooking the entire small scale okra than cut-up mature okra, since the entire cases don’t deliver that adhesive stuff — which, don’t misunderstand me, I really love in specific settings however not constantly.

That being said, frozen cut okra would work here, as well, as would any frozen vegetables. This is essentially only a delightful sauce in which any sort of vegetable could be cooked to great impact. The main thing to remember is that the vegetables, anything they are, are best when on the better side, as that pleasantness is truly decent when matched with the intensity from the chile, the flavors, and the causticity of the tomatoes. This means sweet green beans would function admirably while a canned or dried bean may be excessively dull and not sweet enough for this specific planning.

The zest combination I use comprises of flavors that many, many individuals could have close by at some random time, considering how omnipresent coriander and cumin are in various cooking styles. In the event that you don’t have the cardamom, that is fine — skip it.

For the tomato in the recipe, you ought to go ahead and exploit anything you have: You can utilize custom made pureed tomatoes, pizza sauce, or the jostled stuff, however you can likewise utilize a tomato purée (like passatta or simply a few canned entire tomatoes you’ve blitzed in a blender).

My better half and I ate this okra enclosed by frozen locally acquired parathas since I was feeling sluggish, however you can make your own parathas, envelop the okra by a pita, or even enclose it by a tortilla (or add it to a quesadilla!). It’s likewise very great over rice, particularly on the off chance that you have some achaar, or Indian pickles, in your cooler, despite the fact that something acidic and pickle-y of practically any thoughtful would be great with it, as well.

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