What does Pinoy burger steak taste like

Accomplishing the best sauce consistency – Presently we need to integrate 4 tablespoons of regular baking flour. Mix this into the blend until it gets knotty, and afterward you can pour 1 ¾ cup of water inside. We will begin blending in the future, and stop once the combination gets quite smooth.
Preparing the sauce – Now is the right time to put 1 meat bouillon, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, and your favored measure of salt and ground dark pepper inside. Blend these into your dish completely.
3. Collecting the Pinoy Burger Steak
Organizing the patties – Put 3 cooked burger patties on each plate. Then add 1 cup of cooked rice for these as well.
Adding sauce – A short time later, we will shower our delightful, flavorful mushroom sauce on top. Then embellish with 3 tablespoons of toasted garlic, and 1 tablespoon of cleaved parsley.
Also, presently you have yourself a few delightful plates of exemplary Pinoy Burger Steak! However, to get truly full, I have several ideas as far as dishes you can have with your burger steak!

What to Present with Pinoy Burger Steak
step by step instructions to cook burger steak with sauce
Salmon Patty
Three heavenly burger steak patties are certainly enough for a feast, yet I would in any case suggest evaluating this variety in the event that you are a fish darling. Adding two or three delightful salmon patties would most likely redesign your dinner. Besides, it can have a pleasant mix of pleasantness and sharpness with the ideal mix of mayonnaise and ketchup for a sauce. This can likewise be an ideal breakfast dish on the off chance that you end up having a few toast and eggs on you at home.

Firm Custom made French Fries
You can hope to partake in your burger steak more for certain impeccably salted Firm Custom made French Fries. All things considered, even without burger steak, we frequently end up longing for this very adorable side dish. It’s likewise an extraordinary benefit that you as of now have some mushroom sauce in our primary recipe, which tastes perfect with this crunchy treat!

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